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Update: After speaking to a couple of sources who have seen this episode, they can confirm this as fake.

DarkUFO reader Kudos3 sent this little snippet in.

I have recently been part of a media promotion/seminar at a university in west London, UK. A member of the LOST production team was present (female) and she answered questions from the floor. My question referred to Hurley and the theory that he is imagining everything. The production team member shot this theory down immediately, although she did indicate that everything we (the audience) believe was Hurley's imagination is not necessarily the case. She made a clear reference to Dave, who apparently will appear in a Michael flashback, as Michael and Walt sail away from the Island and find Dave floating half-dead in the water. Apparently, Dave also appears in a Hurley flashforward, and we are supposed to believe he is mad again. Only it will be revealed that he is alive and well. Please don't shoot the messenger. If I get more info I will inform you.

Source: Kudos3 via DarkUFO

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