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HOAX : Irish TV Promo

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Update: As we have learnt this was just the dream sequence from Further Instructions.

If anyone has seen this promo and can confirm it's existence or better still send us a copy to show please leave a comment or email me via the Contact button.

hey dark, i thought you mind find this slightly interesting to know..there is a promo currently showing here on the irish t.v. station 'network two' during the haitus of lost episodes.i know our previews over here in europe can be slighty different to those stateside,so i thought i'd share.its a quick sub-ten second clip that shows all the main lost charachters [more than the 06]walking through a bright white corridor of some sort..nothing too unusual i thought, until the clip shows ben meeting them all while wearing a pilots uniform.even weirder is that everyone is smiling and generally looking quite pleased with themselves,including ben.its a very unusual promo! maybe we will be shown bens aviation skills later this season?

Source: John@DarkUFO

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