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TRUE : Recent Filming Sides

Thanks to Cujo for the following. Whilst I believe this to be true I'll place this in rumours for now. This is from someone who recently auditioned for a role on Lost and had access to a small audition side. Some of these sides can be part of the show or something totally unrelated. Character names may be changed.

Here's what I know. Of course, the names could be fake I remind you.

There's two characters in the scene, Andrew and Gellert. Andrew is a student and Gellert is a Chemistry teacher. Andrew has just gotten beat up and is waiting in the Nurse's office with Gellert.

Gellert tries to find out who beat Andrew up to no avail. Gellert then informs Andrew that he's been invited to Carson Bio-Labs summer camp. Andrew announces that it's those sort of things that got him beat up. He then questions how they even know about him. Gellert suggests they sent a rep to the science fair Andrew participated in, and mentions he got into the Costa Mesa event. Andrew blows up at Gellert proclaiming he is not a scientist. End scene.

The other peculiar thing was the other scene I accidentally picked up. It was another Andrew scene, only when he was five. Like I said, I didn't read it because I want to be surprised, but I think this Andrew character may be the focus of the episode and they tell his life through flashbacks.

Another interesting note was the fact that they specifically stated they were looking for actors with GREEN EYES. This of course leads me to believe the names are fake and it's someone we already know.

Source: Cujo@DarkUFO

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