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Pretty sure these are fake and we will know soon when the episode 10 title is revealed.

*Don't worry about the "death" in Meet Kevin Johnson -- it takes place in the flashback, not the real-time events.
*Expect another appearance from Charlie later this season. Apparently, Hurley and a couple of other characters will be wandering through the jungle, and Charlie will unexpectedly appear to demand a favor from Hurley. Nobody else in the group is aware of Charlie's presence -- except for Ben, although he doesn't advertise the fact.
*Harper and Alpert both make appearances later in the season.
*Jack has no flashes this season.
*Episode 9 is, in fact, titled "Bakir". Episode 10, however, is called "Tempus Fugit".
*Episode 10 features a long-awaited slip-up in one of Rousseau's tales of how she came to the Island -- a slip-up that our castaways take note of.
*The cave skeletons from Season 1 are mentioned this season, but nothing is resolved.
*We find out exactly who the real Henry Gale was and why he ended up on the Island. No word on whether or not Ben was responsible for his death.
*This is the most shocking spoiler by far: the man in the coffin is Locke. Somehow, against his will, Locke is made to leave the Island along with the Oceanic 6 (he is not included amongst their number). Upon his return to the real world, John loses his ability to walk, as he feared, and resumes his tragic life of solitude and depression. Rumor has it that after a desperate attempt to return to the Island that results in a death, Locke realizes that he never be able to get back. Broken and alone, he commits suicide by hurling himself from an eighth-story window (in an ironic parallel to the event that paralyzed him in the first place). His coffin is prepared for a viewing, but only Jack arrives, out of guilt for realizing that Locke was right about the freighter and about the Island (in Jack's point of view, at least).

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