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Update: This has been marked as a hoax as we now know that Kate will have a centric episode, although some points from this rumour could still be true.

Thanks to JCK0909 for the following. Hopefully with filming ongoing we will know very quickly if these are true or not.

I was a little unsure about this source, who is a friend of a friend that works on a Lost production crew. I know he does actually work there because he lives in Honolulu and my friend has been down to visit him a few times and I couldn't see why my friend would make this up. Anyway, he told about this spoilers for the rest of the season about 2 weeks ago and i thought it was BS, but now it appears he was right about episode 9, so i figured id post the rest. it doesnt seem that far fetched to me and at worse it is something to discuss--

Episode 9 - "Bakir" - Sayid Centric
Apparently this episode will be a sayyid flash forward that will show what event was used to convince Sayyid to work for Ben. Bakir will be the first person Sayyid is required to kill for Ben. He also noted that we will see Abbandon at some point in this episode, The way he worded it to me though made it sound like they would mention or show a picture of him, and that the actor wouldnt actually appear.

Episode 10 - "The Outlier" - Ben Centric.
I am not sure about all the math stuff posted in the rumor that also confirmed the same name of this episode that my friend gave me. However, my source said this would be a Ben flashback that will focus on filling in most of the blanks on his time on the island. Most of the episode will be spent in flashbacks not in real time. Apparently it will show his actions right before the purge, an earlier encounter with Jacob, and the beginning of the pregnancy problem, which will include Annie dying in child-birth.

Episode 11 - "Untitled" - Locke Centric
Apparently during episode 10 Ben will reveal some information to Locke off camera and the two will head off somewhere unexplained. Similar to the Brig, this episode will fill in the blanks about where they are headed. Locke will learn how his father ended up on the island and this episode will show the re-appearance of the rest of the others who have been in hiding. Harper will be in this episode and i guess it is now safe to assume to Alpert will be in this episode.

Season Finale - Ep 12/13 - Jack Centric
This will be a Jack flashforward showing how he got from his state of mind in Eggtown/the beginning of the end to how he ended up in through the looking glass. We will learn who ended up in the coffin and will jack's beginning efforts to come back to the island mirror the realtime events of him leaving the island with the rest of the "oceanic 6".

Source: JCK0909 via DarkUFO

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