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Thanks to Melissa who found these posted over at IMDB. Not sure how credible it is and some things can be deduced from the Promotional Photos but nothing in these can be disproved yet, as far as I know.

- All(or most of) the Losties that went with Locke who have no speaking roles are killed by the freighties.
- Sawyer kills a couple of freighties, saves Claire and Aaron, and escapes with them and Miles thinking he might be able to use Miles as a hostage.
- Miles makes it clear that the freighties dont care about him.
- Ben controls the smoke monster and uses it to kill all the freighties who attack the camp (except Keamy) to Locke's and Hurley's amazement.
- Keamy makes the smoke monster run away with a device that apparently produces some kind of electromagnetic reaction.
- Ben runs away with Hurley and Locke and Alex is shot dead by Keamy.
- Jack realizes Charlotte has been spaeking to the freighter this whole time through another phone and has tells them where Ben is hiding.

Source: Melissa via IMDB

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