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Thanks to DarkUFO reader CMA for the following.

last Wed. afternoon I saw 5 helicopters hovering over Kaimuki. I had read (somewhere on rumours or spoilers )that they were filmng at a church in Kaimuki, possibly a funeral. I did a google news search for a news event about why 5 helicopters were there and saw nothing, read the paper and checked google again the next day. So I thought maybe it was part of filming the funeral. At least 2 maybe more of them were dark military looking, not the huge ones, and one was a rescue type( orange)
I was a passenger in a car on the freeway so couldn't see for too long but they were hovering in formation and fairly low I'd say about 400-600 feet. I thought if they were just using them for carrying cameras they wouldn't need so many and maybe they were to be part of the scene -like during the funeral Widmore attacks??

I waited thinking someone else must have seen it too and written in or maybe there was a perfectly reasonable explanation but got to thinking I should mention it anyway.

Sure love your website, can't wait until Thursday
Source: CMA@DarkUFO

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