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Update: 6th Oct Based on other spoilers that have been posted since, it's now clear this is legitimate.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader for the following info that they obtains whilst on the set of Lost. I'm pretty sure this is real but until I can confirm I'm placing it in rumours, just to be safe.

It was like a small script with the number DP-47 on the top of it. He only showed me the cover sheet and it listed the address of the production office, directions to the base camps, list of actors on set, etc.

I wrote down as much as I could on a blank piece of paper. The guard wouldn't give me the actual sheet and he was just showing off. When I go back to work tomorrow morning I will scan the paper and you can take a look. The call sheet had a few sentences of what they were filming. I wrote the plot stuff down word for word. They had base camps all over the island and were filming multiple episodes all over the place.

I spoke with an actor named Omid Abtahi, he was one of the men chasing after Locke and Alpert. Ok, here's what was on the call sheet.


Terry O'Quinn - John Locke
Nester Carbonell - Richard Alpert
Omid Abtahi - Bomani
Anil Kumar - Asim

List of 2 or 3 stunt actors. And more actors at the other base camps.

Asim and Bomani come across Locke at the formation. They take chase.

Framing for SFX statue - Harry's group

Alpert finds his hiding spot. Asim and Bomani are fearful of location.

Locke hides in tree.

Bomani shoots Locke.

Bomani takes Locke captive. Alpert watches from a distance.

When I spoke to the actor named Omid for a few seconds, he said this was his first day filming. He was wearing old Egyptian style clothing and he said his character was Egyptian. He said he doesn't speak the language and he only expected to be on the show for one episode. He said the actor playing his brother would be on the show for several more episodes.

The specific scene we watched was stunt actors running after each other and climbing a tree. We never saw Terry O'quinn. Just some mid 40's bald guy made up to look like him.

Source: JD@DarkUFO

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