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Update: 8th Jan Thanks to BenniBPunkt for the image of Jughead.

Update: 16:30 Here is a little passage from Wikipedia that I thought was interesting.

It is often incorrectly stated that the Mk-17 was the first US hydrogen bomb stockpiled. This is not correct. Five examples of the EC14 "Alarm Clock" prepared for possible use starting in February 1954. There were also 5 examples of the EC16 "Jughead" cryogenic bomb, a direct development of the "Mike" device produced, starting in January 1954, before the EC17/24 bombs. The EC14s with drogue chutes became Mk-14 bombs and were the first in the hydrogen bomb in the stockpile starting in October 1954. The EC16s were never in the stockpile and were the first EC weapons eliminated. There was only 1 B-36 converted under Project Bar Room to carry the Jughead.
Source: Wiki

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Alex for the following.

I have a Youtube video about Lost season 5, which can be accessed on this link:

Basically on this video someone posted a comment saying: "jughead is a bomb. i went to hawaii in september and they were there filming and we got a ton of pictures. the bomb is suspended by an wooden tower and there was a hole below the bomb. there were also three actors there dressed in old military uniforms".

Since this seemed pretty big, I asked them why they didn't post it on your site. They replied, saying "it's from a kodak camera and i dont have a scanner and the guy that took us on the tour said to keep the stuff i saw a secret until it's shown. the tours will be canceled if people put up too many actual shots and videos of the filming site".

This person obviously may be making this all up, but I thought it was a pretty nice rumour/spoiler all the same.

Source: Alex via DarkUFO

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