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HOAX : Want to know how Lost ends?

Thanks to Unhappy for the following article.

The Anonymous Spy knows how “Lost” will end, and the Anonymous Spy is not happy about it.

Like so many others with television-related problems, the Spy turned to the Watcher for assistance.

“None of us likes the way it’s going to end,” A.S. told the Watcher. “We want it changed. Please make that possible.”

Before I fix the problem, let me backtrack a bit. Last week, I published my theory of “Lost,” which involves the Island being a transdimensional space-time port. That morning, I awoke to find a peculiar voice-mail message waiting:

“If you would like to know how the last episode ends, I’ll call you back.”

In fact, I would like to know, but days passed without another call.

Then Wednesday, another voice-mail appeared. The Anonymous Spy had delivered the goods.

“There was never a plane crash, and nobody has ever died,” the Spy revealed. “None of the people ever knew each other before they entered an office … of a psychiatrist who does experimental hypnosis therapy.

“And it’s for people who have lost someone in their lives and they cannot go on any further. … Each one of those people lost something or someone valuable in their lives.”

The final episode will show the patients – including some people we thought had died – going to their last therapy session at the psychiatrist’s in Sydney.

So what do we make of this tale from the Anonymous Spy? A troubled insider reaching out? A not-very-elaborate hoax? Deliberate disinformation to throw the Watcher off track?

The producers of “Lost” have repeatedly said that the characters who die on the show really die – yet they also keep coming back to life, so it’s hard to believe the producers on this one.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if the Anonymous Spy’s information is good or not. The Watcher will help, anyway.

Let’s make this clear to the “Lost” brain trust:

There will be no hypnosis therapy. No one will wake up from a dream. The director will not come out from behind a bush and yell “cut!” There will be no autistic boy with a snow globe.

If the “answer” to “Lost” is not contained inside the walls of the show we’ve been watching for the past four years, the Watcher will send his minions in your direction armed with firebrands and pitchforks.

I won’t be responsible for their actions.

Source: Pedro Watcher

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