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Update: 28th Feb Thanks to Juni for the following which indicates that part of this IMDB update was false, which leads us to suspect that the Nikki info which was posted at the same time is also likely false. We'll mark this as Hoax for now.

The casting for Danny Addams in Episode 05x11 is fake.A reporter has reached Deniz Efe Açıkgöz and Deniz Efe told that he was just writing his dreams about taking part in Lost in his IMDB blog;than a journalist read his blog and thought that it was real,so he published the story.And Deniz Efe became one of the most famous guys in last weeks Google searches. So there's no Deniz Efe Açıkgöz in Episode 05x11 Whatever Happened,Happened
Source: Juni

Just saw this on IMDB, now we know that IMDB is not totally reliable but this season their track record has been very good.


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