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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Raga Freeman for sending in this report. I've no idea how reliable this is I'm afraid so until I can get confirmation I'll leave it in rumours.

My daughter auditioned for the show in January. They sent out a casting call to UK agencies looking for a young red headed girl who was about 6 years old. They ended up saying that my daughter looked to old for the part.

The role was for an additional scene added to an episode that had already been wrapped according the the casting agent.

The role was for young Charlotte. The lines were very brief and short but basically what is happening is that the young girls parents are fighting outside the front door of a house. (There is also another asian man and his son on the porch). The parents were named Jeannette and Dave and they were played by the normal casting agents in the office and the asian man and his son were just played by chairs in the room.

Charlotte watches from inside the house in the countryside. The parents "want to go back" but they know that "he won't let them". The asian man had a French sounding name but I can't recall it. He tells Jeannette and Dave that if they return the map then "he" will welcome them back with open arms, and he says the map is more important in the future then any of them could ever realize. Jeannette ends up saying something along the lines of that the map is all that they have to keep Charlotte and her sisters safe. Charlotte goes out onto the porch and the asian man freaks out and says that Charlotte cannot meet his son because of the potential consequences. Jeannette and Dave don't know what the man is talking about and he and his son end up taking off in a car.

Jeannette takes Charlotte back inside the house and Charlotte goes to play with a toy and her mom tells her not to "dilly dally".I believe the agent said the script ended with the camera zooming in on the toy Charlotte went to play with and then having an act break.

They said the above mentioned scene was the only one in the information they were given from there Los Angeles counter-parts.

I don't know what that means but then again I've only seen the first two episodes of the new season so far so maybe I'm missing something..

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