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Found this over at Ducky Does TV and while I'm very confident this is an authentic report I'll leave it in rumours until I can get confirmation.

So I got an email from a Ducky reader named Nic C. who just returned from a quick vacation in Hawaii and she ran into the LOST crew filming an episode.

I’ll put her comments after the jump because it does contain a slight spoiler in that it lists which characters were where filming together and I know some folks will have a hissy if I don’t.

I have just returned from a long weekend in Oahu and around the corner from my hotel on Waikiki Beach, at the West end beside the Harbor, I happened upon the Lost film crew! They were filming on the first floor of an empty hotel overlooking the Harbour, the windows were screened off and they were using the swimming pool area, also screened off. What really intrigued me was to see the actor’s trailers in the parking lot, and I was able to walk right up to the doors and to my great delight, the names “Hurley” and ” Sun” were marked on them!! I spoke to a roady who was working on the electrics - he was wearing a Lost - Season 4 t-shirt and apparently if you manage to speak to the right guy, the t-shirts are available to buy! He wasn’t giving much away! However my question is, for Season 4, what on earth are Sun and Hurley doing in a hotel/apartment setting together - how will this pan out???

I’m intrigued which episode they were filming and certainly intrigued by the characters and the setting. Hum…

Source: Ducky Does TV

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