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HOAX : More season 4 details

Pretty sure this is fake as well but it gives us something to ponder during the break.

ABC Script Runner/Extra in episode 9-11

I have had 2 inside sources corrobate what is generally going on the rest of the season, some of it is just snippets of info, while some of it follows more of a storyline -

First off Centric-List and what happens in flashes
Episode 9 - Sayid (FF)- Finding Nadia, her death, Ben's recrutiment of him, his first time killing for Ben
Episode 10 - Kate (FF)- Events after Eggtown - shows her raising aaron and him questioning where his father is, why she doesn't want to see jack anymore, and her getting approached by Abbandon asking for what really happened on the island
Episode 11- Ben (FB) - Ben getting beat up in school in the real world and generally being a depressed kid before he comes to the island, annie becoming his first real friend on the island, shows their relationship developing, including her parents demanding they stay away from each other, shows her becoming first woman to die in childbirth, and then shows ben organizing alex being stolen from danielle
Episode 12/13 - Oceanic 6 (FF) -Primarily Jack, but will show the media circus when they all return, them corrobating their story, and then them going their separate ways, will then move forward to follow jack's depression, and then show who is in the coffin.

General island action -

- People from the freigher shot karl and danielle
- The people left on the island (hence the reason "they have to go back") - Jin, Claire, Sawyer, Locke, Desmond, Rose, Bernard
- The barracks are burned down and are done as a location on the show
- The people left on the island end up at the temple with the rest of the surviving others.
- Miles dies by the end of the season
- Daniel and Charlotte will be back next season
- The Frozen Donkey Wheel? - No idea, but they did confirm that the last scene of the season isn't a cliffhanger like they said in the podcast. The last scene is Jack and Kate (holding Aaron), looking back at the island from a helicopter and Jack saying "now we can never go back"

Source: ROC87@DarkUFO

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