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TRUE : More London Filming Reports


Thanks to DarkUFO Melissa for the following. I'm still popping these in the rumours section for now but I'm 99% certain all these are very true.

I'm a bit late, but I saw all the speculation about filming in London last weekend and I think I can help. My boyfriend and I live on the Thames near Tower Bridge and we were walking along the river last Sunday (30 March, around 1pm) and right in front of the Pont De La Tour restaurant there was some filming going on. Nothing big, just a handful of people and a camera on one of those railroad track things, filming against the railing with Tower Bridge in the background. That in itself is nothing special as filming happens there all the time, but as we nonchalantly walked past I turned around to say something and saw Sun from Lost right behind me. I even said to my boyfriend at the time that it was her, but we both joked about how inaccurate the previous "London" scenes were and thought it was nonsense that they'd pay to actually come here rather than green screen it. But then I read afterward about the actors who play Sun and Ben being spotted at Heathrow so I'm certain now that I did see her.

Source: Melissa@DarkUFO

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