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This has now been confirmed as a hoax.

Update: 10th April This has been confirmed true and is now posted in the Spoilers section.

Update: 21:50 GMT Looks like there might be a bit more to this story thanks to my good friend The ODI.

Through various italian sources (realiable contacts at Telefilm-Central.org, the greatest Italian forum regarding tv shows) I have had a sort of confirmation of this and some additional info.

Memphis has had a scene with Matthew Fox and Lance Reddick. They filmed in Pearl City and Memphis' character is supposed to be called "Emilio".

They told me that the filming of the scene took only few hours, then Ricky came back to Italy, so I think it will be a minor role, but my contact said that Memphis was asked the possibility to come back in the future. Since there are only few episodes left, I think that "future" means "next season".

Source: The ODI

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Antonio for the following.

Italian star Ricky Memphis in a guest-star role in one episode of Lost.

However I think that it would be a great news, since Memphis is considered a real star in Italy.

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Source: Antonio@DarkUFO

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