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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Nicky who sent this in. Not a major shocker that that Daniel Dae Kim is in Hawaii, because the season 5 production starts in two weeks and LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have confirmed we will see him in some "form" during Season 5.

However, if the information below is true and DDK will be filming his first scenes with Matthew Fox, will it be via "Ghost" form like Charlie and Libby??

We can't verify this yet, so we will post it in here until we can confirm.

Was in the Nike shop in Waikiki today and happened to run into Daniel Dae Kim. We had a brief conversation and he told me that he is back for filming and that he and Matthew Fox were going to be the first to shoot scenes for this upcoming season. He also said that he has been told although he will not be as prominent this season when he does feature it will be at "Pivotal points in the story" In all the excitement I didn't realize at the time that his character got blown up! Now i'm not a subscriber to the Jin is still alive theory but could we have a repeat of last seasons premiere with Charlie coming back from the dead?

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